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My mission is to enable you to learn the piano as effectively as possible.

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Welcome everyone!

I want to show you how to pass your piano exams 100x more quickly.

What if I told you that you could be making 100x more progress on the piano?

What if I gave you a super-power that would enable you to pass your piano exams in months, and not years and still achieve top marks?

If this excites you, even the slightest bit, then keep reading!

"But who are you?" may ask.

My name is Keval!

Here's a little bit about myself...


I started learning the piano at a very young age and I went to piano lessons for over 10 years. But during this time, I made little to no progress week after week, year after year.


I would complete my grades ever-so slowly and that made me extremely discouraged. It made playing the piano really really boring.


I went through several different piano teachers but nothing worked, until I realised something crucial after speaking to  several professional pianists and completing my Grade 8 Piano Exam.

Here's What I Realised...

That if you want to make outstanding progress in your piano playing, it doesn't matter how good your teacher is, how talented you are, nor how many years you have been playing for. 

All that matters is your practice sessions. The times at home when you sit down in front of your piano and actually PRACTICE. 

The piano students that make the most progress and go through their grades the quickest are those that know how to practice the piano and what techniques yield the best results.

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So here's the deal...

Having gone to piano lessons for most of my life, I have found that 80% of learning the piano happens at home, during practice sessions and not in the lessons. However, most piano students don't know how to practice as effectively as possible and so they make extremely slow progress. (Sound familiar?)

 Knowing how to practice the piano is undoubtedly the most important part of the art form! 

Once I started focusing on my practice sessions and refining my techniques, I managed to get the most out of my practice session. I saw amazing results immediately! My exam pieces, scales and sight-reading were getting better and better, day after day, week after week!

And what's truly amazing is that I wasn't even spending hours in front of the piano! 


I simply did not need to! My short practice sessions were really that effective! I made more progress than students who spent hours in front of the piano!

And That's When I Decided to Create Project Piano!!

I asked myself, "What use is it having all this piano knowledge, just for myself?”

It wasn’t just me that was making slow improvement, week after week at the piano. It was thousands and thousands of other piano students too!


That’s why I created this online E-book, Project Piano (which is accessible by anyone around the world!).

It is a step-by-step e-book that teaches piano students how to pass their ABRSM or Trinity exams 100,000x quicker by giving them effective practice techniques and strategies.

After reading this E-Book:​

  • You will know the fastest methods to perfect your exam pieces and any song on the piano!

  • You will make exponential progress everyday!

  • You will be able to practice for shorter periods of time and make more progress than students who spend hours in front of the piano!

  • You will achieve higher marks in your piano exams!

  • You will learn like a professional pianist!

What's Inside Project Piano?

Project Piano is a step-by-step e-book that teaches piano students how to pass their ABRSM or Trinity exams 100,000x quicker by giving them effective practice techniques and strategies. ​

You have the opportunity to learn “world class” piano secrets of which only a handful of expert pianists know.


Including audio clips, tricks, knowledge and techniques that you wouldn’t even think would work. 

It is what you should do the 6 other days of the week, in-between your piano lessons!

With Project Piano, you will be able to save months and months of playing the piano and have the same knowledge as someone who has been playing for their entire life time. (Unfortunate for me, I know!) 

You will learn:

  • The best mind-set to have when it comes to learning the piano.

  • How to make 10x more improvement than other piano students.

  • How to get close to 100% accuracy and minimise slip ups.

  • The most effective ways to learn a new piece.

  • How to never make any more mistakes with timing.

  • How to play extremely fast pieces.

  • How to master chordal passages.

  • Tricks I use to learn new pieces rapidly.

  • How to be able to analyse yourself and keep improving with no extra help.

  • Tricks I use to memorise every single piece so I can play them even when I’m away from home – Yes hundreds of pieces.

  • How to nail performances - whether that be in exams or concerts.

Benefits of This E-Book:

  • Can be stored on all your devices - Computers, phones, tablets.

  • You can keep all the information you have right in front of you when you play the piano.

  • Search feature allows you to immediately find the solution to your difficulties.

  • No need to wait for delivery, once you pay, you will have the E-book in less than 5 minutes.

  • Easy to follow and read - Great for kids, teenagers, adults, beginners and advanced players!

Check out the testimonials page, where you will find more videos of  myself playing several pieces using the techniques explained in Project Piano.


So how much does this cost, you may ask?

To cover all this piano goodness, it takes 7 years of going to hour long piano lessons, once a week. This equates to roughly £2,080 a year, whereby each lesson is £40. I'll let you do the math to work out how much this costs for 7 years.  

Is our book, way more valuable than £2,080? Hell yes! These techniques are all you ever need to know to ace your piano exams and have the ability to play the piano for a lifetime. Not only this, but most teachers don't even teach the most effective methods or they miss out on many. But that doesn’t make it any more affordable if you don’t have that kind of cash in the bank...

So I decided to distill everything I learnt from playing the piano for 13 years and going to piano lessons for over a decade, and now you can get all the benefits of coaching for just £65!

That's equivalent to the price of only 2 hour long piano lessons. That’s over 97% off what you would have to invest to cover the same amount in private lessons, and it comes with a step by step system and a guarantee where you will 100% see results. 

Offer Price: £65

Get a lifetimes worth of piano knowledge for a price equivalent to just three piano lessons!


This works. I spent years trying to make this method perfect. Hundreds of students got results. So you will too.


Therefore I'm giving you a 90 day warranty.

If there is anything - even if you don't like the font - let me know within 90 days and I'll give you all of your money straight back without any difficult questions.